North Weald

North Weald Airfield’s History

North Weald Airfield was established in 1916 to defend the UK and in particular the greater London area, against the WW I German Bomber raids and airship attacks. So let’s check out North Weald Airfield’s History.

The following video highlights the arrival of Norwegian 331 Squadron, later followed by their 332 Squadron peers. The following is a video-edited version of the Streets Ahead Productions “North Weald Airfield/flying for freedom” DVD. The full DVD can be purchased through the company’s website.

The first squadron to be stationed at North Weald was in August 1916 the 39th Royal Flying Corps Squadron and the last was the RAF 111th Squadron which left North Weald Airfield in February of 1958. North Weald Historic Airfield stopped being an active airfield for the RAF on September 1, 1964. See also: online ged test indiana

Operational flying at North Weald came to an end 1919 but was resumed in1927 when the airfield, once again, became an operational station for RAF Fighter aircraft.


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