About Me

My name is David Smith and I'm sure you've probably guessed by now that I grew up in North Weald, Essex.

My life growing up in North Weald, Essex

I was born and brought up in North Weald, Essex. North Weald isn't a huge town in Essex, but it's not teeny tiny either. It means a lot to me because I had the best days of my life there and many of my friends still live there to this day, despite the weather there always being slightly cooler than virtually elsewhere in the UK (have a little peeky!)

I had to move away when my family and I decided that it would be a great idea to move up to Macclesfield, Greater Manchester when I was 11 years old and due to enter secondary school. I spent a lot of summer days in this North Weald airfield museum and when I saw the domain had dropped - I just randomnly happened to find it whilst Googling for something else (I'm a Graphics and Web designer so I'm always bumping into familiar domains. I most recently helped to create the graphics for this website if anyone is interested). I didn't want it to be collected by spammer abroad selling fake rubbish as that would be a great shame, considering its history and what the museum collectively represents.

Things That I'm Interested In

I've always been absolutely fascinated with anything to do with the military. I used to go each year to the War and Peace show in (or near - I can never remember) Kent until it moved relatively recently to Dover (or thereabouts) but now that I have a young family, Dover is NOT an easy place to escape to, even for a couple of days.

I recall from a very, very young age being completely enthralled with my Grandad's war stories and I was always shocked at what the people; both men and women of all ages and races suffered at that time. We seem to have it so incredibly easy today in comparison.

I'm sure that some people viewing this site will have their own stories (relayed to them by their own grandparents) and that I'm also not alone when I talk about my interest in anything to do with the British Military; uniforms, machinery and vehicles including tanks, the technology back then and so on. I can definitely recommend eBay as a source for finding military items. Over the years, I have found so very many fantastic collectible military items of all kinds on eBay; from badges and hats to gas masks, ration books, uniforms and so much more.

What do I do?

Oh, this oh-so-familar question, again! When I was dating, back in the day, it was my one pet-hate question. I hated being asked about what I did but I suppose that it was one question that there was no getting away from. I am a graphics and web designer. I spend most of my days (and some nights, too) locked away in our home office poddling about and doodling away on the computer. I love it for so many different reasons; I don't have to do the morning commute to work that is universally hated by all Mancunians, I can set my own working hours and I get to spend more time with my friends and of course, family!

Huge Animal Lover

I have a golden retreiver and a ginger cat. When they sit closely together, they sometimes seem to merge into one giant orange blob - it's great!

Spare Time Hobbies?

Tennis! I am pretty fanatical about tennis, which is a little 'odd' as everyone seems to be so into football. Tennis really keeps you fit and it only takes two to get a game going.

Contact Me

I can't really think of why anyone may wish to contact me, but I'd be happy to hear from anyone who does! If you share a love for the area, the museum or simply find this site because I have mentioned my love for anything militaria, do feel free to shoot me a message below!